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Endorsement of Caroline Avery for Congress by Brandon Horner of Doylestown, PA

It is important now, more than ever, to hold tight to the values we consider fundamental to our republic. I believe Caroline will stand up and defend these rights. We are entitled to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are not awarded by our government but inherent in each of us, whether you're born here or earned your citizenship legally. Brian Fitzpatrick has only been consistent in his inconsistent defense of our values. He's allowed the party of the oppressed to continuously chip away at our freedoms. We need leadership that will fight on our behalf. That will speak out in defense of our liberties. That will listen to those they represent. Finally, a representative that is truly conservative, not in name only but in practice. An individual that will spend every day on the House floor, not conceding ground, but going on the offense to regain the sovereignty of the people which has been lost during Brian Fitzpatrick's 6 year reign. I hope others will take a stand and demand change. The future is in our hands. We the People hold the power, and we need representation that feels the weight of this, we need Caroline!  


Caroline Avery is a true leader. — Example Endorsement

Committee to Elect Caroline Avery
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