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Changing my party affiliation

This was not too difficult even leading up to the petition's - I had seen what I refer to as "un-American "behavior's and the stranglehold that some candidates bent a knee to- I began to express my concerns to my closest friends and husband that I was considering leaving my party- I feel that the Republican party did line up with my core values - such as small government and fiscal responsibility along with of course our basic constitutional rights I am a defender of our bill of rights as intended and i am in NO WAY for any kind of socialism aka communism - I believe these rights to be unalienable- and are intended to keep our federal government "in check"  Strong borders and Legal immigration, but not "anchor baby" citizenship - I believe in meritocracy.

All that being said I was left thirsty after the process and disappointed to unacceptable  level -

I conferred with many of what i would call "good conservatives" And was surprised how many felt the same as me - We are talking 100s here in just a short sample of what like to say, I considered good people with sound values. Not radical but level minded people, from farmers to jewelers to police officers and military, and naturalized citizens. 

Committee to Elect Caroline Avery
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