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You can sum up my campaign issues like this: 


America First

President Donald J. Trump  promised to reawakened the American dream and and encouraged the American people to use their God-given intellect. At the time I was a registered independent-I changed my voter status to republican so I could vote in the primary.

My hopes were to correct the path that our country was headed down. Since then, I spent years of my own time and money to help our republic, from neighborhood watches to aiding person in vaccine exemptions and basic problem solving  - In 2021 my peers and fellow Americans began to ask me to run for office - I turned them down for nearly 8 months,But watching our republic collapse in front of my eyes and even/especially our own beloved Pennsylvania and our district - I agreed and filed to primary my own parties congressman in district Pa 01. Keeping to my truest of American values I declined any single groups "endorsement" and was shunned by my local GOP, I wore/wear that as a badge of honor- Altho there are many fine persons in these groups and organizations, sadly a few have all the power and really do "spoil" the bunch- I Must add that I did most certainly meet some great Americans in nearly all these groups, and remain in contact with them, we share a common bond - We love our country.


Who's against freedom? It appears that many of our elected representatives are firmly against freedom. Freedoms like you find in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution declares that it is the central purpose of government to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity," our freedoms are being stripped away from us via the mandates, the lockdowns, the executive orders, the big tech censorship, the agencies of the government being used as political enforcers, and the controlled narratives of the mainstream media. Our freedoms are being stripped away from us, and it has to stop, NOW!

Medical Tyranny Must Stop Now

Pandemics Don’t Suspend the Bill of Rights. 

Mandates and lockdowns imposed by elected officials and unelected government bureaucrats in the face of a perceived medical threat are UNCONSTITUTIONAL…they are illegal! So-called emergency powers that have been assumed by federal, state, and local officials violate the letter and the spirit of the first ten amendments to our Constitution, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. These are rights that are sacred to every American, and anyone who violates them in the execution of their public service at a bare minimum should not be in office.

Loss of the most basic personal freedom.

When any government, corporation, medical establishment, legal entity, or any other institution in society uses coercion to force you to inject any substance into your body against your will, it is a total, blatant violation of your most basic personal freedom. Loss of this most basic personal freedom means that you are subject to absolute tyranny. Vaccine passports/databases are the grossest overreach of executive power in our history. Medical tyranny, including the use of vaccine passports, threatened loss of employment, exclusion from commercial activity, or any activity for that matter cannot be allowed to happen in America. It is flat-out un-American.

Immigration and Borders

I believe in and stand by legal immigration. We should support people coming into our country through legal means, which means vetting them to ensure that they are of sufficient merit under our laws and that they have a sincere intention to become American citizens.

As it is today under the Biden administration, our country is absolutely being invaded every day via the southern border. Human trafficking is rampant, and Fentanyl, along with other dangerous drugs, are freely flowing into the USA from Mexico. Terrible human rights offenses are being committed literally every minute at the border by drug cartels and other bad actors. Violent criminals are being let into our country, then transported by the Biden regime to unsuspecting communities all across America. These drug and human traffickers are funded by unsavory actors. They are killing our young people and destroying their future and the future of our country.


I believe this is intentional and criminal of the Biden regime, that reversed everything that the Trump administration had done to give us the most secure borders we have ever had.


We must defend our sovereignty. No self-respecting country in the world would allow this sort of situation to continue.

Election Integrity

Election integrity in our country is in question, and that is totally unacceptable. We are seeing massive levels of grievances from all over the country about corruption in our voting processes, and that is also unacceptable. We need to get a grip on this situation and make sure that our elections once and for all are free, fair, and legal. This ambiguity is causing strife, and I believe this is intentionally divisive. We need to come together, no matter what side of the aisle you are on and resolve the issue of election integrity now!

Second Amendment

For those who do not understand the meaning of “rights” under our Constitution, understand the following: The Second Amendment to the Constitution was not written to grant permission for citizens to own and bear firearms. It reads, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,” so it forbids the government from interfering in our unalienable rights granted to us by our creator to defend ourselves.

I've enjoyed my 2nd amendment rights since the 80s - I did not "jump on" the 2nd amendment to gain political favor - I am a true advocate- We need to reclaim our rights and repeal unconstitutional restrictions and say NO to any new legislation that restricts our rights to bear arms.


Restore Law and Order

I believe we must support our men and women in uniform who want to keep the peace and protect and serve. When I am elected, I will stand  with Law Enforcement. We need to make sure that officers have access to top of the line Vehicles and protective gear, Weapons and top of the line training facility's. Crime is at an all-time high. We need to be supportive of those who put themselves in harms way to protect those who can not protect themselves.   No to federalizing police.   

Parental Control of Their Kids’ Education

Parents have the ultimate say in their child's schooling and upbringing. Critical Race Theory (CRT) has no place in our schools. It is a divisive tool that pits our children against not only their schoolmates but other human beings, stunting their God-given ability to see the beauty in each other's unique individuality. 

Gender confusion is the same tactic and only causes confusion that doesn't naturally exist. 

Teaching untrue, false history like the 1619 project is not only inaccurate. It is another tool used to turn our children against their own country. These tactics have been used for 100s of years to tear down society, and it is child abuse. 

I believe in school choice and responsible teaching - teaching children to learn and giving them good problem-solving tools to navigate thru life's journey, any teacher that violates this is doing nothing less than indoctrination, and parents should always and at any time they wish be free to view and evaluate teacher's methods. 

School choice should always be an option for parents.

Censorship and Corporatism

The Biden regime is using an effective tool to get around the Constitution when it comes to the freedoms of Americans, and it is called "corporatism." 

Corporatism happens when a government colludes with large, powerful corporations to implement government policies that the government cannot execute on its own or is prohibited from implementing altogether under the country's governing laws. 

An example of this is Big Tech censoring a sitting U.S. President and the American people, thus violating their 1st Amendment rights under the US Constitution. 

Economic and Energy Independence

One of the greatest achievements of the Trump administration was enabling America for once to be energy independent. Removing our country from the disastrous Paris Climate Accord bolstered our economy and created our energy boom. We finally were able to produce more energy than we consumed. 

Biden and the Democrats took just nine months to completely undo all of the economic achievements of the Trump administration, starting on day one by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, and you can see it all happening at your local gas station. Americans are intelligent, and they can see what's happening. 

Government Spending, Deficits, Money Printing, and Inflation

The last time what they call “regular order” was used in Congress to pass a budget for the federal government of the United States of America was in 2009, almost twelve years ago. That means that since 2009 the U.S. government has just spent as much money as it wants, whenever it wants. The national debt is just under thirty trillion dollars. On top of this, The government had over $4 TRILLION PRINTED IN THE LAST 18 months. This is by far the primary cause of the rapid inflation that we are seeing in just about everything we buy today. It is going to get much worse. While many of us are hurting, let me remind you that not a single politician has missed a paycheck. 

Changing my party affiliation

 - I had seen what I refer to as "un-American "behavior's and the stranglehold that some candidates bent a knee to in both parties, even some putting "self interest " above the actual citizens - I began to express my concerns to my closest friends and husband that I was considering leaving my party- I feel that the Republican party did line up with my core values - such as small government and fiscal responsibility along with of course our basic constitutional rights I am a defender of our bill of rights as intended and I am in NO WAY for any kind of socialism aka communism - I believe these rights to be unalienable- and are intended to keep our federal government "in check"  Strong borders and Legal immigration, but not "anchor baby" citizenship - I believe in meritocracy.
All that being said I was left thirsty after the process and disappointed to unacceptable  level -I conferred with many of what I would call "good conservatives" And was surprised how many felt the same as I did - We are talking 100s here in just a short sample of what  I considered good people with sound values. Not radical, but level minded people - From farmers to jewelers- Police officers and military- Medical Doctors and nurses.  1st-6th generation Americans to naturalized citizens. Next Finding my home and restoring our republic. 

Finding no true middle ground, A Pro 2nd amendment group suggested I look into the Libertarian party. After a vigorous vetting process I was nominated to be their candidate. I very much was a Ron Paul fan, and am all about restoring and reclaiming our Liberties. 

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